Benefits of using a ROSA Accredited Member

To whom it may concern,
ROSA (Resellers of South Africa) is a non-profit organization registered in terms of the Companies Act, our aim is to protect and develop good governance in the Promotional Products and Corporate Clothing Industry. We promote best business practices and ethics which meet the highest industry standards. ROSA is dedicated to the accountability of the industry as a whole.
We therefore request you to make use of a ROSA accredited member for your next purchase, which helps to protect you and your supplier and to eliminate the negative stigma that has surrounded the industry for so many years.
Benefits: –
1. An Accredited Reseller has been vetted as an established trading company, whose primary source of income is derived from the resale of Promotional Products and Corporate Clothing. This means they are focused primarily on you, the End User.
2. The End User has access to the ROSA board in the event of a dispute with their reseller. The reseller risks losing their accreditation if they do not resolve the dispute.
3. An Accredited Reseller has to abide by the regulations set out by ROSA, if not, they lose their accreditation.
4. Eliminates exposure to fly-by-night companies.
5. An Accredited Reseller has a proven track record in the industry and will do their best for the End User.
6. ROSA will assist resellers to resolve disputes with wholesalers.
7. Using an Accredited Reseller aids the professional growth of the industry.
8. Members of the ROSA board bring years of professional experience to their role in the association.
We thank you for taking the time to read this and trust you will make the correct decision when procuring your next order. Look out for the badges that represent the resellers.
Kind Regard,
The ROSA Board